Professional Development & Training

In-service programs, training workshops, and conference seminars are available from our experienced clinical staff. Programs can be presented at your site or at one of Uplift’s locations. We charge fees for professional development, depending on length of time and number of professionals.

Some of our workshop topics include:

  • “Reconstructing the Continuing Bond: Accessing the Backstory of the Relationship” with Dr. Robert Neimeyer
  • “What Do We Tell the Children? Talking to Kids About Death and Dying” with Joe Primo, CEO of Good Grief
  • Children and Teens with Grief and Loss: How Professionals Can Help·Grief Management in the School
  • Family Rituals and Effective Mourning Strategies


Workplace Programs

Grief does come to work and many workplaces are challenged when one of their own or a close family member dies. Uplift staff can provide various services tailored to your company and workplace needs.


Please contact Meghan Szafran, Director of Community Programs, for more details.